Chairperson's Message

Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest in The White Family Foundation.  My name is Lauren White Carlan; as the Chairwoman for The White Family Foundation I look forward to serving the Tampa Bay Community not only through the Foundation, but also through my own endeavors.  I trust that my experiences gained as a pediatric nurse will allow me to more clearly identify situations in which the Foundation can be of assistance, and that my passion for helping others will be evident through the Foundation's actions. I am excited that The White Family Foundation is able to assist those in need in our Tampa Bay Community.

As part of the White Family, I was raised knowing that philanthropy is an excellent way to strengthen oneself, as well as others. My parents taught me that the act of giving is often as beneficial to the ones making the donation, as those receiving the gifts. They have shown me countless examples, through their own philanthropic acts, of how unwavering generosity can have a positive impact on the lives of countless people. Their spirit of giving has created many opportunities and I hope to strengthen and continue this charitable approach through The White Family Foundation.

The trustees and I are looking forward to sharing experiences that we hope will impact those in need and ultimately have a positive effect on our community.  As Chairwoman, I am hopeful that our Foundation will be an integral part of our community.  I invite you to share in this experience with us.

Lauren White